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Prices of agricultural products at the Budapest Wholesale Market in Hungary

Updated Oct 19, 2022
On the Budapest Wholesale Market in the 41st week, the most common price of domestic market eggplant was HUF 780/kilogram, about HUF 300 higher than a year earlier. The weekly average price of zucchini rose from HUF 340 to HUF 650, asparagus squash from HUF 235 to HUF 345, and squash from HUF 300 to HUF 600/kg at the same time.
Sorrel was on offer at the most common price of HUF 800/kilogram, which was 33 percent higher than in the 41st week of 2021, and the price of spinach at HUF 900/kilogram increased by 20 percent. In the examined week, the domestically grown cauliflower in the size category of 16 cm+ was offered at a significantly higher price than the same week last year, at HUF 510/kilogram, while the Italian one was priced at HUF 580/kilogram. Hungarian broccoli was offered for HUF 725 per kilogram (+45 percent) in the 41st week - according to AKI PÁIR data. Chanterelle mushrooms were the most common price in the selection at HUF 700/kilogram, which was 17 percent more than the average price for the 41st week of the last year, while champignon mushrooms could be purchased at an average price of HUF 875/kilogram, which was 25 percent higher than 52 weeks ago. Domestic sweet chestnuts were offered at the most common price of HUF 1,600/kilogram (week 40), while Italian chestnuts were offered at an ...
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