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Chile: Exports of fresh fruit fall 4% until November 2020

Chile: Exportaciones de fruta fresca caen 4% hasta noviembre de 2020
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Jan 6, 2021
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During the January-November 2020 period, 3.12 million tons of Chilean fruit were exported. The above for a value of USD 6.03 billion FOB, according to Odepa. The exported volume is 4% lower year-on-year and the value is 7% lower year-on-year, the agency said.
In addition, it was detailed that of this total, in value, 71% corresponds to fresh fruit; 19% to processed fruit (juices, oils, canned, frozen, dehydrated); and 9% to nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, among others). The entity indicated that fresh fruit had sales of 2.44 million tons. The above is equivalent to USD 4,306 million FOB during January-November 2020. There was a drop in exports of 4% in volume, and a decrease in value of 10% compared to the same period of the previous year. The participation of grapes stood out with 600 thousand 700 tons equivalent to USD 1,024 million FOB. This figure was lower in its shipments by 7% in volume and 17% in year-on-year value. Exports were focused on the US and China (45% and 19% respectively of the total value of grapes). Meanwhile, the cherry exported 144 thousand tons, equivalent to USD 981 million FOB. In addition, it had an increase of 5% in volume and a decrease of 8% in year-on-year value. 93% of this category was destined for ...
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