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Published Mar 20, 2024

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Chile recently celebrated its first Chestnut Day, reflecting the growth and profitability of the chestnut industry in the country. With around 3,000 hectares of chestnut trees, primarily in Chillán and El Carmen, the crop is largely exported due to high demand in Europe and the US. The industry is profitable, yielding a return of approximately $1.20-$1.30 per kilo to the producer, and has seen increased interest from new generations of producers and large companies. The industry is also planning to install a frozen peeling machine to increase volume and returns, with 400 to 500 hectares being planted annually. The US, along with France and Italy, are major producers showing interest in chestnuts, indicating a global demand for the crop.
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A few days ago, the first chestnut day took place in Chile, an event in which producers strengthened the national productive sector and shared knowledge about the cultivation and market of chestnut trees. In this context we spoke with José Pablo Correa, advisor and co-founder of PlanetNuts, who analyzed the evolution and profitability of the crop. José Pablo Correa, advisor and co-founder of PlanetNuts. He explained that currently in Chile there are around 3,000 hectares of chestnut trees, the most productive areas being Chillán and El Carmen, “it is where the first chestnut orchards were planted. But the growth potential of the crop is concentrated from Los Angeles to the south, concentrating strongly in the Villarrica area and its surroundings.” Correa indicated that national production is too small, “because we are talking about 5 million kilos maximum, but today the most important thing is the production per hectare and that is what is making a crop tremendously attractive for ...
Source: MXfruit
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