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Chilean fishing sector registers exports for USD 1,841 million in 2021

Updated Jan 31, 2022
By Editorial, @PortalPortuario, The National Fisheries Society (Sonapesca F.G) reported that exports from the fishing and aquaculture sector of mussels and algae (not salmon) recorded sales of USD 1,841 million during 2021. The foregoing would be equivalent to an increase of 4.4% in relation to 2020, which is explained by the average price that reached USD 2.14 per kilo, 6.3% higher than in 2020. This despite the fact that the volume of production exported decreased by 1.7%., In line with what was communicated, Sonapesca F.G highlighted the 63% increase in sales of frozen horse mackerel, equivalent to USD 246 million, in addition to an increase in volume of 227 thousand tons (24% more than in 2020). The main markets for this product were African countries such as Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Burkina Faso among the most relevant. In this context, Héctor Bacigalupo, general manager of Sonapesca, explained regarding jack mackerel that “the resource is in good ...
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