China opens its doors to Spanish almonds after authorizing the first export companies

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Published Nov 18, 2023

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China has given authorization for the first Spanish companies to export almonds to the country. This comes after a trade agreement was signed between China and Spain, allowing Spanish almond producers to access the emerging Asian market. Initially, China is expected to import around 50,000 tons of almonds from Spain, with the potential to increase to 90,000 tons by 2032.
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China has authorized the first Spanish companies that will be able to export almonds to the Asian country. At the moment, only two cooperative groups, Dcoop and Unió Nuts, have been certified by the Chinese Registry to sell part of their production in this market. These first certifications are the result of the trade agreement signed by the governments of the two countries last March, which put an end to negotiations that have lasted five years. With this consensus, it was possible to respond to the interest of the sector to introduce its productions in an emerging market such as Asia. China thus became an alternative to the export of Spanish almonds, given the state of maturity of the European market, the main recipient of exports from Spain. In the last year, Europe has absorbed 86% of exports, with France, Germany and Italy as the main markets. According to sector estimates, initially, China will import about 50,000 tons of almond grains from Spain, which could reach up to ...
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