Climate change pushed date harvest too early in Jordan

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Published Sep 20, 2023

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Climate change in Jordan has impacted date cultivation, forcing farmers to move the harvest 20 days earlier this year. The Jordan Valley region is considered ideal for dates, and Jordanian farmers have been able to compete globally with their 15 varieties of dates. However, the sector now faces threats from the red palm beetle, and farmers have called for the Ministry of Agriculture to take action to combat the insect and preserve the future of date cultivation.
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Farmers in Jordan had to postpone the date harvest, which they usually do in mid-September, earlier this year due to climate change. Date cultivation in Jordan has come to the fore as an important sector in recent years. The 15 date varieties grown in the country, including "Medjool" and "Barhi", have become strong competitors in global markets. The North and South Agwar region in the Jordan Valley is considered one of the ideal places for dates, which require high temperatures and special climatic conditions. Jordanian date grower Mehdi al-Akrabavi, 65, told AA correspondent that the North and South Agwar region is suitable for all tropical plants as well as dates. Stating that date production became widespread in the country about 20 years ago and that they were late in this, Akrabavi said that they were looking for markets abroad where export could be made. Explaining that they are currently sending products to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Lebanon, Akrabavi said, "This year we made ...
Source: Sondakika
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