The conference in Vietnam on implementing the tasks of developing the freshwater shrimp industry in 2024

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Published Feb 24, 2024

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Vietnam's shrimp industry is projected to produce over 1 million tons of shrimp in 2024, generating an export turnover of 4.0-4.3 billion USD, a 10-15% increase from the current year. This growth is expected despite challenges such as climate change and rising input costs. Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Phung Duc Tien, has highlighted the importance of focusing on the entire product chain, investing in infrastructure, and implementing digital technology in aquaculture. The industry is particularly targeting the Dutch market to increase its export value and added value.
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Attending the Conference were representatives of the Government Office, Ministries, Central branches, Associations, People's Committees, Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development of 28 centrally-run coastal provinces and cities. According to the Department of Fisheries, in 2023, the country will produce 10,094 whiteleg shrimp broodstock; 20,000 black tiger shrimp broodstock to serve domestic and export needs, equal to 90.1% compared to 2022. The brackish water shrimp farming area reached 737 thousand hectares, basically no increase compared to 2022. In 2024, The need for broodstock shrimp is about 260,000-270,000 shrimp; Shrimp seeds are about 140-150 billion. Shrimp farming area reached 737,000 hectares. Shrimp output of all kinds is estimated at more than 1 million tons; Export turnover reached 4.0-4.3 billion USD. The Vietnam Association of Processing and Exporters also said that last year, Vietnam ranked in the Top 12 export enterprises, accounting for nearly 50% of the ...
Source: Vov
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