Corona support to growers has not affected European prices of frozen potato products

Fresh Common Potato
Published Oct 29, 2021

Tridge summary

The corona outbreak in 2020 had a major impact on the worldwide consumption of frozen potato products (FPP), such as fries, and also on the production of FPP in Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Nevertheless, the prices of frozen potato products have not been influenced by the corona support that governments provided to potato growers.

Original content

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has never provided income support to growers of ware potatoes, not even during or after the corona period. Thus, it has not been observed that public support from the EU or national governments has led to market distortion in the FPP sector. This was concluded by Wageningen University and Research in a study commissioned by the European Potato Processors' Association (EUPPA). No effects of the corona measures on prices Governments in only two countries, Belgium and the Netherlands, where most potatoes are processed, have taken specific measures to financially support the affected potato growers or processors, while governments in the countries with the largest potato production (Germany and France) did not provide corona support to potato growers. The government's temporary corona support for potato growers in Belgium and the Netherlands only compensated part of the production costs of potatoes and covered a limited part of the total potato ...
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