Turkey: Dams revitalized agriculture in Gördes district of Manisa

Updated Oct 1, 2023
Agricultural production has restarted thanks to the 3 dams built by DSI in Gördes district of Manisa. In the district, where families who could not earn sufficient income from agriculture had to migrate to big cities, irrigated agriculture was started with the dams and income-generating products began to be grown. This increased farmers' income and expanded product diversity. While the production of gherkins, jalapeno peppers and capia peppers has become widespread in Gördes, interest in agricultural production has increased.
Production has started again in the once empty fields in Gördes district of Manisa, thanks to the 3 dams built by the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) in the last 10 years. Many families who could not earn enough income from agriculture in the district, where tobacco and grain production was common in the past, had to migrate to big cities. In order to transition to irrigated agriculture in the region, Doğanpınar dams were built in 2013, Güneşli dams in 2014 and Karayağcı dams in 2022. Producers who grow income-generating products on lands that meet water had the opportunity to earn higher income per unit area. Gördes Chamber of Agriculture President Mehmet Koç told the AA correspondent that irrigated agriculture was not possible in the region until about 10 years ago. Stating that the Kum Stream, which was the only water source for farmers during this period, dried up in the summer months due to seasonal reasons, Koç said: "After the dams came into operation, ...
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