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Turkey: Early bean and pea harvest started in Datça

Updated Apr 21, 2022
Early bean and pea producers in Muğla expect high yields from their crops that they have started to harvest this season. Expecting a yield of 20 thousand tons on 200 decares in Datça district, producers are harvesting early broad beans and peas. Agricultural workers, who come to the fields from the early hours, carefully sort the beans and peas they collect by hand. The products sent to all over Turkey are taken to the saddles by the agricultural workers after various processes.
Then, the bagged products are sent to the markets to take their place on the greengrocer and market stalls. Barış Saylak, Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry, said that they support the producers by growing alternative products in the city. Saylak stated that they distributed legume seeds with a 75 percent grant last year to the producers within the framework of the "no land left unplanted" project carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. "The crops are harvested. Legumes have been planted on an area of 1800 decares throughout our province. 200 decares of this planting are in Datça and the harvest has now started. The main purpose here is to both support production and meet Turkey's need for legumes." said. Emphasizing that the peas and broad bean can find buyers for 12 liras in the field and the demand is high, Saylak said: "We will support approximately 850 decares for the autumn planting period this year. This is the demand at the moment, but the ...
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