Ecuador has new varieties of beans and quinoa

Dried Broad Bean
Published Jul 28, 2023

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The National Institute for Agricultural Research (Iniap) in Ecuador has developed new varieties of quinoa and broad beans after 16 years of research. The new quinoa variety, called Iniap-Excelencia, has a shorter growth period, allowing for two harvests and increased income for farmers. The new broad bean variety, Iniap 442-Sultana, is harvested earlier and produces larger grains, making it more desirable in the domestic market.
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The National Institute for Agricultural Research (Iniap) presented new and improved varieties of broad beans and quinoa on July 27, 2023. The research took 16 years in Ecuador. The presentation was given at the Santa Catalina Experimental Station. Farmers from the main agricultural areas of the Sierra region attended the event. "We promote research into traditional crops, such as quinoa, broad beans and lupine to open new markets," said the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Eduardo Izaguirre Marín, at the event. The official assured that they are “high quality products. They come from the hands of our small producers, who are the bearers of such nutritious food”. New varieties reduce harvest time The Executive Director of Iniap, Raúl Jaramillo, mentioned that the Institute has been investigating new varieties of quinoa and broad bean. He argued that the purpose is to reduce harvest times and give more opportunities to producers at the time of marketing. "So far we have ...
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