Increase in imports of onions and frozen potatoes, decline in exports of beets and radishes, results of January 2023 in Serbia

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Published Mar 28, 2023

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In January 2023, the most significant changes in foreign trade in fruits and vegetables in Serbia took place in its vegetable segment. The year started well for importers of onions and frozen potatoes. At the same time, the first month of the year brought disappointment to Serbian exporters. Deliveries abroad of beets, radishes, radishes, and frozen beans have significantly decreased. Against the general background of falling exports, the lettuce segment became an exception, the supply of which, on the contrary, increased significantly.

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EF Trade Alerts. Serbia. Vegetables Import of onions to Serbia, tons The import of onions to the Serbian market has increased several times, rising from 388 tons in January 2022 to 992 tons in the same month of this year. The Netherlands was the key supplier of this vegetable, independently providing about two thirds of the total demand for imported onions in the Serbian market. The vegetable was also imported from Poland (223 tons) and in small batches from Germany, Austria and France. Import of frozen potatoes to Serbia, tons There is also a growing demand in Serbia for imported frozen potatoes, the supply of which in January 2023 to the Serbian market amounted to 163 tons. Frozen potatoes were imported from Belarus (121 tons) and Austria (42 tons). Export of lettuce from Serbia, tons Serbian lettuce producers continue to strengthen their position in the export market. The first month of the current year for the exporters of this product was marked by the establishment of a ...
Source: Eastfruit
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