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Vooral in derde kwartaal minder groenten en fruit ingevoerd in VK

Vooral in derde kwartaal minder groenten en fruit ingevoerd in VK
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Fresh Banana
Nov 27, 2020
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Throughout the year, the value of imports into the United Kingdom expressed in pounds has been greater than last year. Around the last turn of the year, the pound picked up somewhat against the euro, but after that the exchange rate dropped again to a level of more than € 1.10 per pound. Slightly more than half from EU countries The share of EU countries in total British imports has been slightly more than half for years. Spain is the largest with 26%, followed by the Netherlands with a share of 12%. After the record year 2019 with regard to imports from Spain (1.52 million tonnes), it is expected that 4% less will be imported from Spain in 2020, but the 1.46 million tonnes is more than was imported from Spain in 2017 and 2018 . The large products in particular performed less than last year: onions -30%, tomatoes -30% and mandarins -15%. Other Spanish products did well this year, including peppers + 20%. Slightly more from the Netherlands It is expected that approximately 685,000 ...
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