Chile: Challenges, projection, and future in India

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Published Nov 24, 2023

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The article discusses the Exponut event in Chile, which brings together participants in the nut sector including producers, exporters, suppliers, investors, and businessmen. The President of the Association of Walnut Producers and Exporters of Chile highlights the importance of the event in showcasing the current state of the industry and the need for more representation and partners. The article also discusses the success of Chilean walnut exports to countries like India and the strategies employed to maintain and grow the market.
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Source and Photography: Frutícola Portal The meeting brought together producers, exporters, suppliers, investors and businessmen around technical and commercial seminars, in addition to a complete specialized exhibition of products, services and machinery for the sector. The President of the Association of Walnut Producers and Exporters of Chile (Chilenut), Juan Esteban Rodríguez, was in charge of welcoming the event, pointing out that Exponut is the meeting point for all those who participate in the nuts sector. , "we want to put topics that show the current business in a balance between the productive, commercial and current part." "Chilenut, for its part, has been the means of information for Chile and the world about what happens year after year with walnuts, with harvest estimates to monthly shipment reports, consolidation of quality reports that today allow us to be recognized as sources of reliable information worldwide, as well as in Chile. Thanks to the directory and ...
Source: OPIA
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