Extraction of aquatic bioresources in Russia reached 4.3 million tons

Updated Nov 18, 2022
The volume of fish and seafood production in Russia reached 4.3 million tons by mid-November. This is stated in the message of the Federal Agency for Fisheries. "According to the industry monitoring system, by mid-November, Russian fishermen had harvested more than 4.33 million tons of aquatic biological resources," the report says. At the same time, the department does not compare with data for the same period last year.
According to the Federal Agency for Fishery, more than 3.15 million tons of fish and seafood have been caught in the Far Eastern fishery basin since the beginning of the year. The pollock catch amounted to 1.76 million tons, which is 210.9 thousand tons more than in 2021, and herring 380.6 thousand tons, which is 59.4 thousand tons more than in 2021. In the fishery of pelagic fisheries, the total catch amounted to 264.9 thousand tons, including 231.5 thousand tons for Iwashi sardines, which is 18.9 thousand tons more than in 2021. The volume of Pacific salmon production reached 271.9 thousand tons. In the Northern Fisheries Basin, Russian fishermen harvested 469.6 thousand tons of aquatic biological resources. In the cod fishery, the catch amounted to 296 thousand tons, haddock - 72.2 thousand tons. In the Western fishery basin, 65 thousand tons were mined. In the sprat fishery, the catch amounted to 34.9 thousand tons, Baltic herring - 20.4 thousand tons, which is 0.8 thousand ...
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