Vietnam: Farmers in Ba Ria - Vung Tau earn hundreds of millions of dong by growing longan in the off-season

Published May 23, 2024

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Farmers in Vietnam's Xuyen Moc district are achieving higher profits by growing longan off-season despite lower yields due to weather conditions. Mr. An Dinh Doan harvested 10 tons, making a profit of 300 million VND, and Mr. Le Van Tuong expects to earn over 1 billion VND from 25 tons. The off-season harvest is sold at higher prices, ranging from 40,000-57,000 VND/kg, more than twice the regular season price. Despite the challenging weather, farmers are adopting strategies such as organic farming, manure use, and off-season flowering to ensure a stable income.
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Mr. An Dinh Doan, living in Phu Son hamlet, Hoa Hiep commune, Xuyen Moc district, has 1.3 hectares of longan that is being harvested in the off-season. This is the 8th case Mr. Doan has applied to treat off-season flowering longans. According to Mr. Doan, this year his family's longan output reached just over 10 tons, 10% lower than last year. The cause is due to the influence of weather and prolonged heat. However, thanks to the high selling price of 39,000 - 40,000 VND/kg, along with organic farming and use of manure to help keep investment costs low, his profit was about 300 million VND, more than 2 times higher. compared to the main label. According to Mr. Doan: "Compared to the current price, working off-season is more profitable when it's in season. Making longan in the main season doesn't require much fertilizer or water, but the price is not high. Compared to this price, working off-season is much higher." ". As for Mr. Le Van Tuong, living in Phu Lam hamlet, Hoa Hiep ...
Source: Vov
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