Prices of fish and seafood rise while meat prices are stable in Spain

Published Dec 2, 2021

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With 24 days until Christmas Eve dinner, in this second COPE Report on the evolution of prices, we found that sirloin and suckling lamb, two of the most common products on these dates, have not changed compared to a week ago. What has started to skyrocket is the price of fish and shellfish. Everything is more expensive today than a year ago.

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On November 24, a month after the celebration of Christmas Eve, COPE went out to the Spanish markets to check how the shopping basket of the most common foods was on our tables. It already did so with one piece of information: that the CPI for October reached 5.4%, its highest price in the last 29 years. Indicator triggered by increased energy. Fuels and electricity that were also transferred to the entire agri-food chain. How are the prices a week later? Are they maintained or have they uploaded something? The leading indicator of the CPI for the month of November that we met this Monday already gave us a glimpse of what joys we were not going to find in our pocket. The CPI has reached 5.6%. Awaiting confirmation in mid-December they are two tenths more than the previous month. Fuels and food have driven this increase. A new record that to match it we would have to go back to September 1992. There is nothing. Are these large numbers noticeable in the shopping cart? Well yes in ...
Source: Cope
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