Fish prices in Egypt today, April 9, 2024

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Published Apr 10, 2024

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Egypt has made significant strides in its fish industry, achieving 85% self-sufficiency in fish production, with an annual output of 2 million tons, of which 1.6 million tons are attributed to aquaculture. This highlights the pivotal role of fish farming in the country's strategy to bolster its fish sector. With a focus on increasing fish exports and developing lakes, Egypt is actively working towards enhancing its fish production capabilities across marine, freshwater, and rice field environments. The diverse range of fish prices at the Obour market, a major wholesale market, reflects the variety in Egypt's fish production. These efforts are part of a comprehensive approach to ensure the sustainability and growth of the fish industry in Egypt.
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According to Mohamed Salehin, a trader in the Dokki area, Egypt has now succeeded in achieving 85% self-sufficiency in fish production, with a kilo of squid reaching 200 pounds, and a kilo of eels ranging from 90 to 280 pounds. Tilapia fish prices The prices of tilapia fish started from 95 to 110 pounds - depending on the region - and Egypt is seeking to increase export rates, according to Mr. Al-Qasir, Minister of Agriculture, and the axes of fish wealth development depend on developing the lakes, which include Al-Manzala, Burullus, Mariout, and Bardawil. Mullet fish prices The prices of mullet fish ranged between 125 and 165 pounds, and a kilo of bream ranged between 150 and 250 pounds. The Egyptian citizen’s share of fish production is 18 kilograms, while the global percentage reaches 20 kilograms annually, and fish exports during 2019 amounted to about 35 thousand tons. Fish prices in the Obour market today The wholesale prices of fish in the Obour market today were as ...
Source: Almalnews
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