Italy: Always expensive tomatoes, and zucchini for 0.60 euros

Fresh Peach
Fresh Melon (Muskmelon)
Published May 3, 2023

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After the torrid summer, mild autumn and winter, here is the frozen spring that does not push the purchases of spring fruit. Even if you find the first peaches, nectarines and cherries from Spain, then Sicilian and Moroccan watermelons like melons. The descent of courgettes continues up to 60 cents per kilo. Sicilian baby watermelons at 1.60/2 euros, melons even above 3 euros It's not the best time for watermelons but they arrive on the markets. Sicilian baby girls reached 2 euros per kg in Cagliari, 1.60 euros in Bologna and 1.45 in Padua. Moroccan watermelons are now listed at one euro per kg, while in Rimini there is product from Costa Rica at an average of 1.20 euros. Melons see higher prices with the Sicilian net (1000/1250 grams) at 3.50 euros per kg in Florence, 3.40 in Bologna, down to 2.70 euros per kg in Rimini. With the 750/1000 gram size, it costs 2.50 euros in Verona, but up to 4 euros in Bologna. The Moroccan origin costs 2.60 euros per kg in Bergamo where there is ...
Source: Myfruit
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