From the Italian markets: Prices of courgettes, tomatoes, salads go over 2 euros

Published Sep 22, 2022

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Increases on average of € 0.20 / € 0.30. Cauliflower is in short supply. First chestnuts, persimmons and Calabrian miyagawa

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Consumption falls, prices rise. It cannot be otherwise seen stratospheric bills and price increases of all kinds. The climate also affects the prices and not all articles fly upwards: fruit for example. On the contrary, the salads are well over two euros, as for the smaller sizes of zucchini, while the cluster tomatoes go up to over 2.50 euros and up to 3. The grapes that are bought on average for 1.30 euros hold back. The first Italian chestnuts, persimmons and pomegranates arrive and from Calabria the miyagawa mandarin. Milan high prices for leafy vegetables and vegetables begins the tour of the markets in Milan with Bruno Barcella, entrepreneur of the Salvi Milano company and representative of Fedagro Milano, who confirms the drop in consumption and "a very complicated September in terms of prices ". It is also forbidden to toast because of "the quality of the fruits that are born in a forced and suffered situation". Let's see the products: “The fruit is in a phase of ...
Source: Myfruit
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