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Italy: Salads fly, lettuce over 2 euros, and eggplant for 4 euros

Dai mercati: l’insalata vola, lattughe oltre i 2 euro e melanzane a 4
This news article has been translated to English.
Dec 14, 2021
From Myfruit
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There is no product, especially vegetables, and prices skyrocket, but as an operator tells "What is enough". In the wholesale markets, the 50 cent salad in recent weeks flies over 2 euros. And the escalation of the prices of courgettes continues, some varieties reach € 3.50, and aubergines, purple and striped, are quoted at € 4. There are those who buy, but there are no queues. Clementines are awakening, strawberries from the south even exceed 10 euros in the markets where there is a slight revival of trade and the arrival of the first Chilean cherries. In Verona, salads are expensive: lettuces cost around 2 euros Andrea Bonizzi, agronomist and quality manager and price list of the Verona market, has a mercury bent upwards in his hands. Starting with the artichokes that last month sold for 0.40 / 0.50 euros. "Both the violet from Puglia and the Tema from Sardinia are quoted at 0.80 / 0.90 euros per head, we have Spanish thistles at 1.20 euros, pan-fried cucumbers from ...
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