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Italy: Zucchini for 3 euros, strawberries for over 7 euros

Dai mercati: zucchine a 3 euro, fragole oltre i 7 euro
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Price Trend
Nov 16, 2021
From Myfruit
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Calm markets, few exchanges. On prices there are those who rise like Sicilian and Fondi courgettes which reach 3 euros, while the aubergines also rise where the purple variety, also from Sicily, reaches 1.80 euros. The Sardinian and Apulian artichokes have recovered very slightly, the price of the grapes is more sustained, less volumes and a few cents / kilo are earned, a strong rise for strawberries, while clementines do not have exciting prices and small sizes sell cheaply. Cluster tomatoes, Italian and Dutch, are down. In Verona courgettes are close to 3 euros, aubergines are up, tomatoes collapse "Market a bit slow, prices are falling for some items. The prices of strawberries, aubergines and courgettes are rising “. Report by Andrea Bonizzi, agronomist and quality manager and price list of the agri-food center of Verona. Let's see specifically the prices of fruit and vegetables starting with the artichokes for which Bonizzi speaks of a "slight recovery" and the flower head ...
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