Global banana supplies are under threat due to natural disasters

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Published Mar 13, 2024

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The increase in banana prices is due to adverse weather conditions, such as floods and strong winds, which spread diseases and lead to crop loss. The El Niño phenomenon, which began in 2023, is affecting various crops globally. Other factors contributing to the price increase include the global rise in prices for fertilizers, energy, transport, and labor shortages. Experts warn that climate change will likely impact agriculture worldwide, necessitating more investment and adaptation from farmers, thereby increasing the cost of agricultural products. However, they caution against attributing all problems to climate change. Additionally, the use of international funds for agriculture often serves diverse objectives, which may not always align with the needs of the sector.
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Liu cites weather conditions as the main reason for the rise in banana prices - floods and strong winds, which cause the spread of diseases and can lead to crop loss. Previously, climatologists predicted that 2024 could become the hottest year for the planet. This will be possible due to the natural phenomenon El Niño (a phenomenon of fluctuations in the temperature of the surface layer of water in the Pacific Ocean), which can trigger extreme weather events from forest fires to tropical cyclones and prolonged droughts. However, its influence began to manifest itself in the summer of 2023. “In this regard, it would not be correct to single out only bananas. The El Niño phenomenon has an impact on many crops. For example, at the end of last year, there was already a decline in the yields of blueberries and cherries grown in the Southern Hemisphere,” notes the general director of FruitNews and Yagodnogo news agency Union Irina Koziy. According to her, climate change is likely to ...
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