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The position of Hungarian walnut kernels on the market has changed significantly

Updated Jan 24, 2022
Despite the relatively early age and previous successes of Hungarian walnuts, they have faced many cultivation and market difficulties in recent years, the National Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) writes in its market overview.
In addition to the cultivation and phytosanitary problems caused by climate change, this was caused by the increasing, cheap supply of goods in the large nut-producing countries, which pushed Hungarian goods out of the European market. In addition, due to drought, our already lower yields have continued to decline, making it no longer competitive with our competitors' two- to three-fold yield averages. Due to previous positive market feedback, the domestic walnut growing area in Hungary has been growing steadily over the past decade. While ten years ago it barely exceeded 3,000 hectares, we now produce walnuts on over 8,000 hectares, of which the area of productive plantations is about 5-6 thousand hectares. In Hungary, the annual yield is around 7,000 tons in an average year, while in a really good vintage it can reach 10,000 tons. The annual primary production value of the produced walnuts is HUF 4-6 billion. The growth of the sector was mainly due to the previously good market ...
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