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¿Cómo terminaron los contingentes arancelarios de los TLC en 2020?

¿Cómo terminaron los contingentes arancelarios de los TLC en 2020?
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Regulation / Agreement
Dec 28, 2020
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These include yellow corn, white corn and powdered milk, as well as some dairy products, which were consumed in their entirety. (Report: In less than a month, quotas for powdered milk in the United States and the European Union are renewed) In fact, as the start of this 2020 showed, they would have already acquired a good amount that would be in the ships and that will only enter formally when the year changes, so that the quotas are renewed and do not require paying a fee. This is the case of powdered milk from the United States, whose 11,790 tons were purchased in the first 14 days of this year. Or for the acquisition of yellow and white corn, which despite their volume are generally consumed in the first half of the year. This year, they took a little longer, but by this time the 3,102,656 tons of yellow corn and the 201,673 tons of white corn that arrived from the United States had already been purchased (Read: In 15 days the milk tariff quota was consumed U.S. powder) Another ...
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