How to import flour from Ukraine to Poland?

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Published Mar 22, 2024

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Poland's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has reported that flour imports from Ukraine have been significant in recent years, with 8,000 tons in 2021 and 2023, and 11,000 tons in 2022. However, a ban on importing common wheat and spelled flour from Ukraine was implemented from September 16, 2023. The State Sanitary Inspection (PIS) is responsible for conducting border sanitary inspections of food imports based on risk assessments. The article also highlights the pressure on customs officers to expedite clearance processes, often prioritizing the number of transports cleared over the actual needs of customs control.
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We have not officially confirmed these data, but the silence and lack of answers to our questions from organizations and associations dealing with this topic leave unnecessary understatements. Only the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development officially commented on this. We asked them directly if they had data on flour imports from Ukraine? Import of flour from Ukraine to Poland At the beginning of March this year, the Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski, announced on the X platform that, according to his data, 8,000 imported flour from Ukraine to Poland in 2023. tons of flour, in 2022 – 11 thousand tons of flour, and in 2021 – again 8 thousand. t flour. Which, looking in terms of the moment of the outbreak of the war, is confirmed by the numbers below. - Data from the Ministry of Finance show that by September 15, 2023, 16.3 thousand people came to Poland from Ukraine. tons of wheat flour, compared to 77.6 thousand tons of wheat flour imported to Poland from ...
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