Hungary among the largest game meat exporters in Europe

Published Jul 21, 2023

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Hungary is a major exporter of game meat in Europe, with almost 90 percent of the 3,800 tons processed annually being exported mainly to Germany and Italy. Despite being a valuable and special foodstuff, the consumption of game meat in Hungary is low at only 0.1 kg per capita. Hungarian game meat is highly sought after abroad and is the fourth largest exporter in Europe, after Poland, Germany, and Spain.
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The smaller players supply the market with very high quality, highly processed products, with various pâtés, rilettes, sausages and smoked products coming out of the processors. There are also products from family farms, game parks, and national parks, mainly available locally. Fact Thanks to its unique environmental conditions in Europe, our country has a high quality and diverse wildlife population. The most common big game are roe deer, red deer, wild boar, fallow deer, and mouflon. The most important small game species are hare and pheasant. In recent decades, the number of big game has steadily increased. While few people know about it at home, Hungarian game meat is a much sought-after product abroad. Hungary is one of the biggest exporters of game meat in Europe, fourth in terms of volume on the EU market after Poland, Germany, and Spain. Wild animals are reared freely in natural conditions, have a highly mobile lifestyle and a varied diet, and their consumption and ...
Source: Hungarytoday
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