Importers assure that Paraguay has spaces in the US inside and outside the quota

Frozen Bone-In Beef
Published Dec 18, 2023

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Paraguay is preparing to start exporting beef to the United States, exciting both public and private sectors in the country. Exporters are planning to take advantage of the tariff-free quota of 64,900 tons, with hopes of eventually placing 10,000 tons in 2024, and potentially even more. Both American importers and a South American meat broker are optimistic about Paraguay's potential to become a significant meat supplier to the United States.
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Paraguay is very close to starting the first exports of beef to the United States market, a fact that has the entire meat chain in the country, both public and private, very excited. With the operations underway, exporters are already planning shipments to arrive in North America in January and make the most of the spaces within the tariff-free quota of 64,900 tons that has Brazil as its biggest competitor. Although the meat complex aspires to place about 10 thousand tons of product during 2024, as a first experience, American importers have expectations that Paraguay will take advantage of more spaces, inside and outside the quota. According to Valor Agro, buyers from the United States were recently in Paraguay visiting national plants authorized for export and stated that the country, as a meat supplier, has opportunities to sell outside the quota of third countries, which implies paying a tariff. of 26.4%. Weeks ago, the South American meat broker Juan Lema, director of ...
Source: Elagro
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