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Published Dec 9, 2023

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The Indian government has allowed duty-free imports of yellow peas until March 2024, primarily importing from Canada and Russia. In addition, India has extended stock limits on tur and urad dal to prevent hoarding and ensure continuous release of pulses in the market. Furthermore, India has also allowed the export of non-basmati white rice to various countries, initially to meet their food security needs and based on their government's request.
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New Delhi [India], December 8 (ANI): India has allowed duty-free imports of yellow peas until March 2024, an official gazette notification said. Reportedly, the duty on yellow peas was first implemented in November 2017 at 50 per cent. India largely imports yellow peas from Canada and Russia. “This notification shall come into force with effect from the 8th day of December, 2023, and shall remain in force up to and inclusive of the 31st day of March, 2024,” the gazette notification issued on Thursday evening read. India is a large consumer and grower of pulses and it meets a portion of its consumption needs through imports. India primarily consumes chana, Masur, urad, Kabuli chana, and tur. As part of centre’s invervention, it had in September extended stock limits on tur and urad dal by two months until December 31, besides revising the stock holding limits for certain stakeholders. Earlier, the stock limits on these two varieties of pulses were to end on October 30. As per a ...
Source: Theprint
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