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IPD supports importers of the EU in establishing contacts with exporters from third countries

Updated Oct 18, 2021
Import Promotion Desk (IPD) supports importers in establishing contacts with the right exporters and producers from overseas, paying extra attention to all the necessary criteria to make the products competitive in Europe. "Our objective is to prepare exporters from developing and emerging countries for the market and, above all, to bring them into contact with local importers," says IPD specialist Thomas Derstadt.
"Our work is characterized by the fact that we work closely with local export promotion and cultivation organizations. We offer various training courses and prepare companies for the market, especially in the field of communication." Thomas Derstadt. Photo: IPD Quality standards and fruit assortmentIPD offers importers neutral and free support with their purchases. It arranges contacts with selected producers of fresh fruit and vegetables that meet the GlobalGAP standards or even the requirements of the EU logo for organic products. These free brokerage services are available to all European importers. Importers can be assured that they are being matched with reliable producers, as the companies participating in the IPD program are always visited and carefully monitored. In doing so, the IPD experts take into account not only the certification, but also criteria such as the quality of the products, the export potential and capacity. Derstadt: "Compliance with social standards in ...
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