Published Apr 5, 2024

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Over the past year, Russia has significantly invested in its agricultural sector, allocating more than half a trillion rubles to enhance food production and scientific advancements. This investment has led to notable achievements, including doubling the self-sufficiency norm for fish products and setting records in aquaculture. While there was a minor decline in egg production, the country has experienced increases in milk and meat production. Additionally, Russia is contemplating imposing heavy duties on wine imports from NATO countries and has played a crucial role in supplying grain to Somalia, earning recognition from the FAO for its contribution to global food security.
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Over the past year, over half a trillion rubles were allocated to support the Russian agricultural sector. The Government also spoke about food and scientific successes in the industry. Russia has doubled the norm for self-sufficiency in fish products. At the same time, two new records were set in Russian aquaculture. Egg production in Russia decreased by almost 2% in the first two months of the year. However, the indicators for milk and meat have increased noticeably. Russia plans to impose unprecedented duties on wine ...
Source: Rosng
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