Milk prices in the EU are looking down, but not significantly

Published Apr 9, 2024

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In March 2024, the EU saw a slight decrease in the average price of raw milk by 0.2% from the previous month, with a significant 8.5% drop compared to the same period in 2023, bringing the price to 46.34 euro cents per kg. Ukraine's average milk price was lower at 38.53 euro cents per kg. Despite price increases in Denmark and the Netherlands, prices remained stable in some countries and fell in others, including the Czech Republic and France. The highest milk prices were in Cyprus and Spain, while the lowest were in Latvia and Slovakia. This slight reduction in EU milk prices is linked to an improved supply situation, even as demand from cheesemakers rose before Catholic Easter. The IFCN predicts a potential early decrease in Q2 2024 prices, followed by a sharp increase later in the year due to possible summer heatwaves affecting production and rising costs in the dairy sector.
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According to preliminary data from the European Commission, in March 2024 the average price of raw milk in the EU was 46.34 euro cents per kg, which is 0.2% less than in February. Compared to the price as of March 2023, milk in the EU has become cheaper by 8.5%. In Ukraine last month, raw milk cost an average of 38.53 euro cents per kg, which is 20% less compared to the average price in the EU. Compared to February of the current year, the price of raw milk increased in nine EU member states. Among the large producers and exporters of dairy products, prices for raw materials rose only in Denmark to 46.13 euro cents per kg (+2%), in the Netherlands to 46.5 euro cents per kg (+1.1%) compared to February 2024. In March, purchase prices did not change in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Malta and Cyprus, compared to February. Compared to February 2024, raw milk fell the most in the Czech Republic to 40.76 euro cents per kg (-4.3%), Slovakia to 41.45 euro cents per kg (-6.4%), France to 46.28 ...
Source: MilkUA
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