Moroccan tomato producers can double exports

Updated Nov 8, 2022
Thanks to the modernization of greenhouses, increased demand from Europe due to the energy crisis, Moroccan tomato producers can double their exports.
This is reported by FreshPlaza. "We will have to make a qualitative leap in our production assets: in particular, by modernizing greenhouses. Most of the Moroccan producers are currently working with a number of Canarian greenhouses, and we plan to replace them with climate-controlled greenhouses," said Laraisse Esserhini, Director of the Moroccan Association of Producers and Exporters of Fruits and Vegetables (APEFEL). According to him, government support will be needed for large investments in greenhouses. In conditions where the energy crisis has slowed down or even completely stopped the production of greenhouse tomatoes in Europe, APEFEL is ready to respond to new market demands, maintaining high product quality and affordable prices for consumers. Moroccan producers are confident that they will be able to compete with their French and Spanish counterparts by offering lower prices. In addition to the northern ...
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