Overview of the world market for melons and watermelons

Updated Mar 19, 2022
The melon and watermelon market is not doing well everywhere, even if there is some relief in sight as the global pandemic comes to an end. In many places the high production costs have led to a fall in production in favor of more profitable crops, as happened in Spain. In addition to the high production costs, the high transport costs and the ongoing conflict in Europe also have a negative effect on the melon market.
Only in Australia are there notable positive developments as consumption and exports are starting to pick up again after the Covid-19 slump. For most other countries, the season will certainly be exciting. The Netherlands: High prices and high costs for melons and watermelons. The container shortages are currently also affecting the melon supply. "The trick at the moment is to get enough containers on the boat," notes a Dutch importer. "The costs for sea freight are unprecedentedly high, but that affects everyone. At the moment we only import from Costa Rica, but the logistics situation is no different in Honduras. Moreover, delays of a few days have been the order of the day for weeks. sales of the melons, it is not such a problem that there is not an abundance of melons coming in. Prices are at a very decent level, but we desperately need that because of the high costs.” "For example, the selling price of Cantaloupe melons is currently between 8-8.50 euros, the Piel de Sapo, ...
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