Relevance of the Netherlands for Colombian fruit exports

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Published Jan 30, 2024

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The Netherlands is the main European destination for Colombian fruit exports, with avocado, banana, gulupa, cape gooseberry, plantains and Taití lime being the top five fruits exported. Over the past 15 years, the trade relationship between the two countries has shifted from the mining-energy sector to agricultural products. The Colombo-Dutch Chamber of Commerce is actively working to connect importers and exporters, as well as preparing and educating companies for export. They are also exploring the export potential of other Colombian fruits such as Tahiti lemon, Kent mango and soursop.
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The top five Colombian fruits exported to the Netherlands are led by avocado in first place, followed by banana, gulupa, cape gooseberry, plantains and Taití lime. To learn more about the trade relationship between both countries, we spoke with Jan Willem van Bokhoven, director of the Colombo-Dutch Chamber of Commerce, analyzed the fruits that are currently exported and those that have greater shipping potential. “The trade relationship between Colombia and the Netherlands is very close and has been changing, since about 15 years ago the relationship was about products from the mining – energy sector, while today it is a relationship that is based more on agricultural products. “The Netherlands is one of the five main destinations for Colombian exports, being the most important market for the United States.” Jan Willem van Bokhoven, director of the Colombo – Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Willem explained that the main destination for Colombian exports in Europe is the Netherlands and ...
Source: MXfruit
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