Soy sauce crab, a ‘rice thief’ even to foreigners

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South Korea
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Published Feb 23, 2024

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According to data from Crea Trip, a travel platform for foreigners in Korea, chicken is the most popular food item among foreign tourists, followed by soy sauce crab, also known as rice thief. The latter is particularly favored by tourists from the Greater China region, including Taiwan and Hong Kong, accounting for 87% of transactions and 89% of the transaction amount. Chinese tourists also enjoy grilled meat and snacks, while Japanese tourists prefer traditional Korean food. Western and Singaporean tourists, on the other hand, tend to favor desserts like shaved ice, toast, and donuts.
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What food challenges foreign tourists’ ‘love of chicken’? It turns out that soy sauce crab, known as rice thief to Koreans, is captivating the taste buds of foreigners. Recently, Crea Trip, an inbound (domestic travel for foreigners) platform, analyzed data on restaurant menu transactions of foreign tourists who visited Korea last year and found that the most popular menu was chicken in first place and soy sauce crab in second place. According to Crea Trip, chicken ranked first in the number of transactions among all restaurant menus and was highly preferred regardless of nationality. A Crea Trip official explained, “This can be interpreted as the fact that even if you are not fluent in Korean, you can use online delivery and easily visit offline stores.” Soy sauce crab, which ranked second, was particularly popular among tourists from the Greater China region, including Taiwan and Hong Kong. 87% of the total number of transactions and 89% of the transaction amount were tourists ...
Source: Nongmin
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