Spaniards opt for buying frozen vegetables to save

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Published Nov 25, 2023

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The Spanish Association of Frozen Vegetable Manufacturers (Asevec) emphasizes the importance of frozen vegetables in the current economic situation, as they are a more economical alternative to fresh vegetables. A study by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) shows that buying frozen vegetables can save up to 40%, with even higher savings for certain vegetables like peas and green beans. In addition to being cost-effective, frozen vegetables are also convenient to use, maintain their nutritional properties, and help reduce food waste.
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The current economic situation, which is going through a complex situation and notable inflation, is impacting the shopping basket, leading consumers to look in detail at the prices and quality of products. The Spanish Association of Frozen Vegetable Manufacturers (Asevec) highlights the role of frozen vegetables as a key food in the diet, since, in addition to maintaining all their properties, they are a more economical product than their fresh version, as as shown in the latest study by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU). This report shows that buying frozen can save up to 40% in the case of vegetables. The data is more notable when the vegetables are compared individually, since the difference in savings is up to 90% in the case of frozen peas compared to fresh ones, and 70% in the case of beans green. A reality that is also reflected in the data extracted from a survey carried out by Asevec in which an increase in the purchase and consumption of frozen vegetables ...
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