Belgium: Spanish supply will cause price pressure on tomatoes from next week

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Published Oct 25, 2023

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Belgian greenhouse vegetable season is coming to an end, with a decrease in volumes due to the switch to illuminated cultivation. Prices for peppers, zucchini, and eggplant were satisfactory, but cucumbers had a difficult season with oversupply. The sweet potato season is going well, with good quality and increasing popularity among buyers, although Belgium is still a small player in the international market.
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Tholen - The season is slowly coming to an end for Belgian greenhouse vegetables. The switch to illuminated cultivation is underway, which means that volumes are generally somewhat lower these weeks. "We are now in the last few weeks of peppers, zucchini and eggplant. In addition, the large volumes of cucumbers are also gone. Here we will only make the switch, just like with tomatoes, so that we will continue to receive them consistently. in the coming months," says Benny Cuypers of BelOrta. In general, the specialist is not dissatisfied with the prices of the past season. "We have to make a distinction here, of course. We were satisfied with the price development in peppers, aubergine and zucchini, but cucumbers have had a difficult season, especially in the first months. The area expansion after a successful last year has been difficult to digest. the cucumber market. The oversupply has subsided somewhat in the second part of the season, but this did not yield such fantastic ...
Source: AGF
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