Russia: Tajikistan, Poland and Turkey started buying Novosibirsk grain in 2021

Updated Dec 9, 2021
In 2021, Tajikistan, Poland and Turkey began purchasing lentils, flax and wheat in our region, respectively. In turn, the UK, Turkmenistan and Lithuania resumed imports of peas, wheat and buckwheat, which were interrupted since 2019. More than half of the export shipments of grain from the NSO are still in wheat. At the same time, this year neighboring Kazakhstan purchased the largest volumes of this crop: 211 thousand tons against 124 thousand in 2020.
The structure of grain exports to China has changed: in previous years, the main importer of rapeseed, in 2021, the PRC purchased mainly flax, barley, sunflower seeds and buckwheat. According to the Rosselkhoznadzor Administration for NSO, now the list of direct exports of grains, legumes and oilseeds from the Novosibirsk region includes almost 15 items. Wheat is the leader in export volumes - 330 thousand tons for 11 months of the year. More than 92 thousand tons of peas were shipped, over 45 thousand tons of barley, rye (10 thousand tons), buckwheat (7 thousand tons), oats (3 thousand tons), lentils, triticale, millet were also supplied. Of the oilseeds, flax takes the largest share in the export list: 43 thousand tons, followed by rapeseed (21.5 thousand tons), sunflower (19.5 thousand tons), soybeans (6 thousand tons). 11 thousand tons of grain processing products were delivered. For reference: The national project "International cooperation and export" is being implemented in ...
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