The bean campaign in Leon, Spain closes with a production of 10,600,000 kg

Published Nov 5, 2021

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In the province of León, the bean harvesting has practically ended after several stops due to weather issues that have lengthened the harvest, we ended with a production of 10,600,000 kilos, 25% more than last season, with the same area in the environment of the 4,250 hectares, according to the Lonja de León report.

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Despite the many climatic incidents caused by rains, the beans of this season can be considered of high quality, since more and more professional farmers have waited for them to be in an optimal state of drying to be able to collect them. The province of León concentrates 66% of the national bean production. Spain is a country with a deficit of this legume and only produces 25% of what it consumes, the rest is imported mainly from Argentina, Canada, the US, Turkey, Egypt and China. In terms of prices, they have been very similar to those of last season, it seems that the lack of competition, as there are fewer and fewer buyers, has made beans one of the few agricultural products in which prices have not increased this year. The most important varieties (pinta and Riñón de León) have been sold by the farmer for between € 1 / kg and € 1.20 / kg. In the price of winter cereals, an increase of € 10 / t for wheat and barley, we consider that it is a significant increase, although after ...
Source: Agrodigital
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