The Butchers Division explains the latest developments in meat prices in the markets of Egypt

Updated Sep 24, 2023
Meat prices continue to remain stable in various markets, as the Butchers Division in the Chamber of Commerce revealed that meat prices continue to remain stable in the markets today, Sunday, September 24, 2023, recording levels ranging between 220 and 280 pounds in various government outlets, while the price of a kilo of local meat ranges from butchers. Between 300 and 400 pounds, depending on the geographical scope of meat sales. The division added in its monitoring of the latest price developments in the markets, where the price of Brazilian beef ranges between 190 and 250 pounds, and Indian meat ranges between 170 pounds for minced meat and 230 pounds for kunduz, while the price of a kilogram of red cubed Brazilian meat recorded 210 pounds. The price of a kilo of camel meat reached 250 and 280 pounds, the burger was 250 pounds, the Kanduz liver was 290 pounds in outlets, and the lamb barqi was 380 pounds. The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade had announced an increase in ...
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