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The cheapest kiwi in Georgia, and the avocado in Ukraine

Самый дешёвый киви в Грузии, а авокадо – в Украине
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Nov 30, 2021
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In the process of auditing the fruit and vegetable departments of supermarkets in five countries of the region, EastFruit experts, in addition to the range and quality of vegetables and fruits, also analyze the levels of retail prices for them in stores in Kiev, Chisinau, Tbilisi, Dushanbe and Tashkent. At the same time, for the second year now, we include among the studied fruits previously exotic, but rapidly gaining popularity kiwi and avocado. In November 2021, kiwi prices were the lowest in shops in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi.
This is not surprising, since Georgia continues to increase production of kiwi and its export, actively taking advantage of climatic advantages. Georgian kiwi is exported to Japan and Germany and is considered one of the sweetest in Europe (see video about kiwi in Georgia). On average, 1 kg of kiwi in Tbilisi supermarkets costs only $ 1.38 per kg. In Kiev, where all the kiwi on the shelves are imported, the prices for it are 35% higher, in Chisinau they are 60% higher, and in Dushanbe you need to pay for kiwi two and a half times more than in Tbilisi. At the same time, the conditions for growing kiwi in Tajikistan are not worse than in Georgia. In neighboring Uzbekistan, for example, there are already quite a few small producers of kiwi, so, perhaps, the prices for kiwi there are much lower than in Tajikistan. In Uzbekistan, at the moment, you can buy kiwi at retail for an average of $ 2.14 per kg. But avocado was the most expensive, by a huge margin, in Tashkent. Although in ...
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