The expensive seed loved by the whole world, in Vietnam, falls all over the garden

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Published Oct 25, 2023

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Cashews are a nutritious nut that is abundant in Vietnam. They have various health benefits, including preventing cancer, promoting brain health, and strengthening the immune system. Cashews are also a major export for countries like Vietnam, India, and Brazil, with the global cashew industry expected to reach over 3 billion USD in the coming years. However, cashew exports have seen a decline in recent years, with a decrease in volume and value compared to previous years.
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A world favorite nut that is abundant in Vietnam. It has the ability to prevent cancer, nourish hair and skin, care for bone health, lose weight... Cashew fruit Cashew nuts are familiar in Vietnam but are an "expensive" dish abroad. Grows in tropical climates, not every country can grow this plant. In Vietnam, cashews are grown a lot in Binh Phuoc, Central Highlands... The price per kilogram of cashews in Vietnam ranges from 150,000 to 400,000 VND depending on the type. Some tropical countries have become major cashew exporters: Vietnam, India, Ivory Coast, Benin, Guinea-Bisseau, Cape Verde, Tanzania, Mozambique, Indonesia and Brazil... Cashew Harvest Cashews are a member of the same family as poison ivy, and like poison ivy, cashews contain a toxin called urushiol. It is found in the plant itself and in the brown oil inside the pods. It can cause burning, itching, and blistering, which is why unprocessed cashews are considered dangerous to eat or touch. That is also why they need ...
Source: Vinacas
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