The Spanish Government is working on a decree to expand edible oils including hazelnut and almond oils

Published Sep 21, 2022

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The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) is working on a draft decree law that seeks to expand the range of edible oils that can be produced, industrialized and marketed in Spain, to accommodate those from hazelnuts, almonds or peanut, among others.

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This was announced this Tuesday in the Senate by the head of that Department, Luis Planas, after being asked by the senator of the Esquerra Republicana-Euskal Herria parliamentary group Bildu Josep Rufà i Gràcia about whether the Government plans to modify the royal decree that regulates edible vegetable oils, which dates from 1983 and contemplates barely a dozen raw materials of origin. The senator has expressed his concern that with the current norm, edible oils from the hazelnut or almond, while they can be bought from other countries such as France and Italy, and has advocated updating the royal decree unto Planas has agreed with the senator that this royal decree is already "out of date" and has informed the plenary session of the Upper House that "before the end of the year" the Government "is going to submit a bill for public consultation" to modify the one that has been in force for almost 40 years. The minister recalled that already in 2021, with the olive oil quality ...
Source: Agrodiario
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