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Global: The last avocado campaign has been the most complex of all

Updated Oct 18, 2022
Además de los problemas en el alza de los precios y en la disponibilidad de fertilizantes derivados de la guerra en Ucrania, la preocupación se centra en la industria en la subida de los fletes marítimos para la palta latinoamericana, ya que en 2022 se ha pagado por ellos el doble que en 2021.
( Michael Horney, vice president of the World Avocado Association (WAO), has described this latest avocado campaign as "the most complex of all", as a result of the logistical problems caused by the covid crisis, accentuated by geopolitics, which have marked "complex years" in the marketing of American avocados in Europe and Asia. He pointed out that, in addition to the problems in the rise in prices and in the availability of fertilizers derived from the war in Ukraine, the concern is focused on the industry in the rise in maritime freight for Latin American avocados, since "in 2022 They have been paid twice as much as in 2021." "I think the situation with shipping companies worldwide is very serious, because of how they have taken advantage of the situation to raise their margins," he asserted, adding that "agricultural producers, especially the smallest ones, are the ones who are suffering the most ". Regarding the effects of inflation on avocado consumption, he ...
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