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Spain: The PAC Strategic Plan will leave half of the traditional nuts without aid associated

El Plan Estratégico PAC dejará sin ayuda asociada a la mitad de los frutos secos tradicionales
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Dec 12, 2021
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The version of the Strategic Plan of the CAP (2023 - 2027) exposed to public consultation by the MAP "maintains limitations" in terms of slope and rainfall that exclude from the aid associated to the operations of traditional dry fruit cultivation, in wide areas. areas of the State at risk of desertification, according to the Union of Unions.
Made public the version of the Strategic Plan of the CAP by the MAP, Unión de Uniones affirms that the eligibility conditions and the requirements established to access the aid associated with nuts have not changed with respect to the previous texts. «It continues to be maintained for those rainfed almond, hazelnut and carob crops with a slope greater than 10%, or for those that, having a lower slope, are in a region with an average annual rainfall of 10 years less than 300 mm ". These conditions do not take into account the agroclimatic characteristics of traditional cultivation in large areas of the country, especially the Valencian Country and Catalonia, where cultivation frequently occurs on plots with slopes of less than 10%, terraced or not, and in areas with rainfall that they are around 450 mm. which are already considered very low. The Ministry is precisely excluding from aid a large part of the areas to which they should be destined. Likewise, the Ministry directly ...
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