Spain allocates 180,000 euros to sainfoin cultivation

Sainfoin Seed
Published Jul 14, 2021

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This crop has valuable qualities as fodder, either in the form of mowed hay or consumed by cattle grazing. The main commitments are: not to carry out grazing or work on the plot in the month of May as it is a time of reproduction for species of steppe fauna and to carry out a single annual harvest in the summer months, reducing affections for the fauna. The measure is easy to use for applicants, with a persistence of four years, which reduces expenses for the farmer compared to an annual crop. In the 2020 campaign, the measure covers a total of 340 single application files and a global payment amount of around 180,000 euros. A reduction is observed compared to the 2019 campaign as the mandatory commitment maintenance period (5 years) has ended. For the 2021 campaign, a voluntary annual extension is called for the delegates. Sainfoin is a plant native to the Rhine Valley where, at the end ...
Source: Castilla
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