In Poland, the Port of Gdansk is preparing for the increased traffic of trucks with grain

Published May 19, 2023

Tridge summary

In today's information, the Port of Gdansk announced that the following terminals are currently handling cereals in the port: GBT/Malteurop on the Bytomskie Quay, Port of Gdansk Eksploatacja on the Szczecińskie Quay, Magrol on the Zakretu Five Gwizdków Quay, Gdańskie Młyny on the Zbożowe Quay, Speed on the Vistula Quay and Siark-Port at the OPP Quay.

Original content

Grain - as it was emphasized - after energy resources such as coal and liquid fuels, is another cargo group at the port of Gdańsk treated as a priority. It occurs mainly in the export relationship. It was noted that this grain is both Polish and Ukrainian. 115 ships loaded with grain According to the information, in 2022, slightly more than 1.9 million tons of cereals passed through port quays. However, since the beginning of this year, operators have already reloaded over 764 thousand. tons of grain. Ships with grain (meal, corn, wheat, rye, faba bean, rapeseed, oilseeds) sail mainly to ports in: Denmark, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Belgium. According to the Port of Gdansk, from the beginning of this year. 115 grain-loading ships and three grain-loading ships were serviced. The grain delivery and transport capacity to/from the main terminals of PGE, GBT, Gdańskie Młyny and Magrol is a maximum of 758 cars and 71 wagons a day. From the ...
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