Togo: Certified seeds cost higher this season, compared to the previous season

Published Mar 16, 2023

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(Togo First) - The National Network of Certified Seed Producers of Togo (RNPSC-Togo) recently set prices of certified seed for the 2023-2024 agricultural season. They were set during the Network's general assembly last month.

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A kilogram of maize seed of all varieties is set at 650 FCFA, while that of rice is 550 FCFA. Sorghum and fonio seeds cost 850 FCFA and 600 FCFA respectively. Other certified seeds, such as sesame, cowpea, soybean, and groundnut, are sold at 2,500 FCFA, 850 FCFA, 750 FCFA, and 850 FCFA per kilogram. "For us, it is necessary that prices are announced very early so that producers can be well informed. Seed is one of the basic inputs for a farmer and quickly knowing these prices will allow the farmer to better organize himself," said Balintiya Konsana, president of RNPSC-Togo. The price of certified seed has increased compared to the previous season. This may have an impact on farmers as they will have to adjust for this season. For the 2022-2023 season, the price of certified seed for maize was set at 500 FCFA/Kg (100 FCFA/kg less), while rice was 500 FCFA/Kg (50 FCFA ...
Source: Togofirst
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