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Spain: In 2019, 418,000 million euros or 2.4% of total agricultural production in European Union (EU) rises

Updated Nov 17, 2020
The economic accounts of agriculture show that total agricultural production in the European Union (EU) was 418,000 million euros in 2019, 2.4% more than in 2018, according to a recent report The combination of the increase in the value of Agricultural production and limited growth in intermediate consumption (+ 0.8%) translated into a strong increase in gross value added (+ 4.5%) for the EU agricultural industry in 2019 compared to 2018. At 77.00 billion euros (or around 18% of the EU total) in 2019, France had the highest total agricultural production among Member States, followed by Germany (58.2 billion euros, or 14%), Italy (57.8 billion euros, or 14%) and Spain (51.7 billion euros, or 12%), the Netherlands (29.1 billion euros, or 7% of the EU total), Poland (26.4 billion euros, or 6%) and Romania (19.00 billion euros as value of agricultural production) In three quarters of the EU Member States, the value of agricultural production increased in 2019. The largest increases, ...
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